Who can be nominated?

The Missouri State Team Member of the Month program exists to recognize one state team member each month who exemplifies the best efforts of all team members by going "above and beyond" their normal duties to accomplish something extraordinary.  Department directors, deputy department directors, division directors, and deputy division directors (including acting and official) are not eligible for this award.  Because all senior level managers (executives) are consistently expected to demonstrate a strong leadership role, nominators are encouraged to consider other team members for this award.

The following criteria should be considered when nominating a team member for State Team Member of the Month:

The team member nominated:

  • Exhibited commitment to service and to serving the citizens of Missouri over and above normal duties and responsibilities;
  • Sustained a high level of productivity and consistent quality of work so as to foster this same level of performance in others;
  • Demonstrated a high degree of initiative in the performance of his or her job responsibilities;
  • Displayed exceptional dependability in the completion of job assignments; and
  • Continually exhibits effective working relationships with others in all aspects of the job

Types of Accomplishments

The following are some examples of individual accomplishments worthy of a nomination for State Team Member of the Month:

  • Completion of a short-term project or special assignment which required a unique or innovative approach.
  • Development or implementation of a new idea or procedure(s) that improved office efficiency and productivity.
  • Increased office morale through teamwork, and/or the exhibition of flexibility in meeting new challenges under tight deadlines.
  • Providing "over and above" front-line customer service which reflects favorably on the agency.
  • Contributing to improve public awareness and/or understanding of the agency's mission.