Governor's Award for Quality and Productivity

Administered by:
Office of Administration
Division of Personnel

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The Governor's Advisory Council on Quality and Productivity established the Governor's Award for Quality and Productivity (GAQP) in 1988. The GAQP is a team award recognizing service excellence, efficiency, innovation, process improvement, and employee ingenuity within Missouri state government. All winning projects must meet established requirements of effectiveness, responsiveness and efficiency of such quality that make the project a model of excellence for others to follow.


Any team of individuals employed by the State of Missouri who worked together to implement a project within their own agency, or who worked with another section, division, department, agency, or community organization to implement a project which exemplifies the purpose of the GAQP, may submit a nomination. The combined number of individuals representing any team should consist of 2 to 20 team members (maximum).

Teams must use a nomination process to provide background information and a detailed description of the project, measures, etc., and measurable impact of the project.

Once a nomination has been approved by the department/agency and submitted for consideration for the GAQP Selection Committee, no additional team members may be added.

All nominated projects must have been in existence long enough to have a measurable impact.

As part of a continuous process to improve government efficiencies, the GAQP will recognize winning teams in three major categories:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Efficiency/Process Improvement
  3. Innovation

A Selection Committee comprised of state executives will use established criteria to evaluate each nomination, and may select/recommend winning teams from each category to send to the Governor for final approval.

A GAQP Pinnacle Award may also be awarded to a team if, in the opinion of the Selection Committee, a nomination clearly encompasses multiple award categories in a manner that exemplifies the spirit of the Governor's Award, or exceeds all other nominations.

While all categories may not be utilized in any given year, the goal of the GAQP remains constant—to establish clear winners that will serve as a model of efficiency, quality, and effectiveness in Missouri state government.

All state agencies are highly encouraged to participate in the GAQP process to share information about the outstanding work their employee teams accomplish; and to recognize service excellence throughout Missouri state government.