What is the Governor's Award for Quality and Productivity (GAQP)?

The GAQP is an annual award given to teams of state employees that champion customer service excellence, efficiency/process improvement, innovation and employee ingenuity in Missouri State government.

What is a GAQP team?

Any team of individuals employed by the State of Missouri who worked together to implement a project within their own agency, or who worked with another section, division, department, agency, organization or business to implement a project which exemplifies the purpose of the GAQP, may submit a nomination. The combined number of individuals representing any team should consist of 2 to 20 team members (maximum) of which the majority are state employees.

Who may nominate a team for the GAQP?

Any Missouri state employee; manager, supervisor, or legislator may nominate a team for the GAQP.

How do I nominate a team?

To nominate a team, download and complete the GAQP nomination packet, which is available at http://www.training.oa.mo.gov/erp/index.htm.

Nominators must include a one-page executive summary (500 words or less) that describes the initial challenge, research, problem-solving measure, documentation, results, etc. The executive summary should be attached to the front of the nomination. Before submitting the nomination, please review the nomination checklist included in the GAQP packet to ensure that the nomination is complete.

What happens after my nomination has been submitted?

The department coordinator reviews the nomination form and secures the department director's endorsement. After the director has approved the nomination, the department coordinator forwards the completed nomination and summary to the state program coordinator.

What is the deadline for nomination?

Approved and signed GAQP nomination forms must be submitted by the department coordinator to the Division of Personnel, state program coordinator, by close of business on Friday, June 28, 2024. Contact the department coordinator for internal deadlines for review and approval. Nominations are reviewed by the department coordinator and must include the signatures of the coordinator and department director/elected official before submission.

What is the selection process?

A selection committee comprised of state executives will use established criteria to evaluate each nomination, and may select one or more winning team for each award category to recommend to the Governor for final approval. The committee will not consider any additional materials (e.g., videos, executive reports, letters, memos, etc.) in the evaluation process.

How will I know if a team I nominated won the Governor's Award?

Teams receiving the GAQP will be notified by their department director or by their department coordinator.

When is the GAQP ceremony?

The ceremony is typically held in June of the following year, during State Team Member Appreciation Month. The ceremony is held in the Rotunda of the State Capitol Building. Award recipients are invited to attend the GAQP ceremony where (if possible) the Governor, Commissioner of the Office of Administration, department directors and other public officials recognize them for their accomplishments.

How many teams are selected to receive the GAQP?

One team from each of the following categories may be selected and awarded:

  • Customer Service
  • Efficiency / Process Improvement
  • Innovation
  • Pinnacle Award - The Pinnacle Award may be awarded to a nominated team if, in the opinion of the selection committee, the nomination clearly encompasses multiple award categories in a manner that exemplifies the spirit of the Governor’s Award, or exceeds all other nominations. This award is not open for nomination and may only be used by the GAQP Selection Committee.

Who organizes the GAQP?

The GAQP is administered through the Office of Administration, Division of Personnel.