Award of Distinction

The Missouri State Employee Award of Distinction Program is established to recognize and reward outstanding employees who are innovative, positively impact organizational or statewide goals, demonstrate true leadership, act compassionately and courageously to serve the local or global community, and advance the importance and perception of state service.

The Award recognizes notable contributions that are above and beyond an employee’s normal job responsibilities, and that serve as an example of excellence for others to follow. These meritorious achievements or accomplishments should be so singularly outstanding that special recognition is justified.

This unique award program is open to all Missouri state government employees.  However, department directors, deputy department directors, division directors, deputy division directors, and elected officials (including acting and official) are not eligible for nomination.

All nomination submissions are for acts during the period of January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022.

Nominations will be accepted for the following categories.  To see the criteria for each, click on the headings below:

 Awarded for demonstrating exceptional judgment or courage in a potentially serious situation outside the scope of the workplace, or in a situation far above and beyond the duties and responsibilities of the employee’s position and which reflect credit upon the State of Missouri, whether or not the act was performed during working hours (as demonstrated by voluntarily risking one’s own life, or exhibiting meritorious action to prevent injury, loss of life, or prevent damage to, or loss of property).

 Awarded for outstanding contributions toward enhancing the quality and morale of the workplace, or creating a better public image of state government (as demonstrated by positive personal interaction with other employees; championing public awareness of the agency’s mission; working to improve relations internally within an agency; or collaboration between different agencies).

Awarded to an employee for their contributions toward a more efficient or productive work process or procedure, including providing a service, improving service quality, or developing money saving ideas.

 Awarded to an employee who exemplifies and promotes outstanding leadership qualities and behaviors. The employee “sets the standard” for others to follow, and consistently performs at a superior level in achieving significant and tangible benefits for his/her department/agency (as demonstrated by guiding, directing, or influencing fellow employees in a positive and productive manner).

 Awarded for outstanding dedication to the advancement of state service which enhances the quality of life to citizens that is far and above the employee’s normal job requirements, or who through volunteering service and/or time improved the quality of life for members of the community (as demonstrated by participation in, or implementation of community and public service projects, and/or volunteering with various non-profit organizations at the local, state, national, or international level).

 Presented to an employee or team of individuals who create and/or champion approaches to protect and/or ensure the health and safety of state workers or customers (examples include, but are not limited to: implementation of a safety program for the workplace, an active role in being a strong advocate of safety and health, demonstrated significant improvement over previous conditions; consistently maintained a good safety program, or made an extra effort to improve or correct a specific aspect of safety within the workplace).

Nomination Process

Any state employee may nominate another state employee whom is employed in good standing for an Award of Distinction. Department directors, deputy department directors, division directors, deputy division directors, and elected officials (including acting and official) are not eligible for this award.

Employees are encouraged to use the Online Nomination Form below.  An alternative, printable version of this form is also available. NOTE: A one-page narrative providing a clear understanding of the character, behavior, situation, event, contribution, work process, or service provided is required for the nomination to be considered. Please attach it online or submit it with printed forms.

All nominations must be submitted through the appropriate agency/department coordinator who will verify the accuracy of the nomination, and obtain approval from the applicable agency director before it can be sent to the Division of Personnel. Nominations submitted using the Online Nomination Form will automatically go to the appropriate agency coordinator.  If the Printable Nomination Form is used, it is the responsibility of the nominator to submit the form to their agency/department coordinator for approval.

All approved and completed nominations (using either the Online Nomination Form or the Printable Nomination Form) must be submitted by the Department/Agency coordinator and be received in the Division of Personnel by close of business on Friday, March 31, 2023.

The Missouri State Employee Award of Distinction is coordinated by the Talent Development Team within the Office of Administration/Division of Personnel via Beckie Brietzke, Senior Staff Development Specialist at

Nomination Form

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