Jennifer Hentges

Attorney General

Kerry Kroll


Grace Woodland


Anita Witthaus

State Treasurer's Office

Tammy Polacek

Elementary & Secondary Education

Jake King

Governor's Office

Michelle Hallford

Health & Senior Services

Eric Endsley

Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development

Laura Hoskins

House of Representatives

Judy Kempker

Department of Commerce and Insurance

Ashley Woodruff

Labor & Industrial Relations

Jennifer Terry

Lt. Governor's Office

Todd Mayfield

Mental Health

Janet Gordon


Sarah Becker


Lisa Verslues

MO Lottery Commission

Tom Fast

MO National Guard

Jennifer Hoggatt

Department of Natural Resources

Lori Cagle

Office of Administration

Janet Turner

Public Defender's Office

Kathleen Lear

Public Safety

Judy Murray

Economic Development

Leah Norment

Secretary of State

Lisa Kauffman

Department of Social Services

Daphne Maupin

State Auditor

Brent Bayer

State Courts Administrator

Jan Friedewald

State Tax Commission

Stacey Jacobs