Jennifer Hentges
1616 Missouri Blvd

Attorney General

Kerry Kroll
Supreme Court Bldg


Bryson King
2901 Truman Blvd


Heather Herigon
2901 Truman Blvd


Anita Witthaus
2729 Plaza Drive

Economic Development

Laura Hoskins
Room 620, Truman Building

Elementary & Secondary Education

Tyler Madsen
8th Floor, Jefferson Building

Governor's Office

Taylor Barton
Gov's Office, Capitol Building

Health & Senior Services

Susan Thomas
912 Wildwood

Higher Education

Kerry Branch
11th Floor, Jefferson Building

House of Representatives

Judy Kempker
Room B36, Capitol Building

Insurance, Financial Institutions, & PR

Keith Dudenhoeffer
Room 530, Truman Building


Dorothy Session
421 E. Dunklin St.

Lt. Governor's Office

Marylyn Luetkemeyer
Room 121, Capitol Building


Peggy DeMeurers
821 Weathered Rock Court

Mental Health

Janet Gordon
1706 East Elm


Lisa Verslues
907 Wildwood

MO Lottery Commission

Victoria Hillstrom
1823 Southridge Blvd.

MO National Guard

Elaine Forck
Militia Drive

Natural Resources

Alina Barnes
Lewis and Clark Bldg, 2 West

Office of Administration

Sara Vanderfeltz
Room 125, Capitol Building

Public Defender's Office

Kathleen Lear
231 E. Capitol Ave

Public Safety

Mary Beckwith
Lewis and Clark Bldg, 4 West


Darlene Robinett
Room 225, Truman Building


Cindy Winthorst
Room 324, Capitol Building

Secretary of State

Heather Kaiser
600 W. Main

Social Services

Michelle R. Anderson
2nd Floor HRC, Broadway Building

State Auditor

Sherrie Brown
Room 880, Truman Building

State Courts Administrator

Jan Friedewald
Room 324, Capitol Building

State Tax Commission

Rosella Schad
Room 830, Truman Building

State Treasurer's Office

Tammy Polacek
Room 780, Truman Building