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The purpose of the State Employee of the Month Program is to recognize individual contributions of a Missouri State employee who has provided outstanding service for the citizens of Missouri.

The employee who receives the honor of State Employee of the Month is recognized for his/her own personal contribution to their worksite and the State of Missouri.

Nomination Process

Nominations are submitted to the State Employee of the Month Coordinator by the individual Department/Agency Employee of the Month Coordinators. All nominations should be submitted on a State of Missouri Employee of the Month Nomination Form.

Nomination Criteria

All departments and offices of elected officials are eligible to nominate their Department Employee of the Month for the State Employee of the Month.

Department directors, deputy department directors, division directors, and deputy division directors (acting and official) are not eligible for the Employee of the Month award.

Click here for additional information regarding nomination criteria and types of accomplishments.

Selection Process

Nominations are reviewed and voted upon by the selection committee.

The Selection Committee reviews the nominations and votes on a winner based on responses to questions on the Nomination Form.

The nomination receiving the highest number of votes is named the State Employee of the Month.

Evaluation Criteria

Recognition and Award Ceremony

The State Employee of the Month will be honored with a letter from the Governor as well as an award presented by their respective agency.

An annual reception will be held with the Governor where recipients will be recognized for their extraordinary service.

The State Employee of the Month Program is coordinated by the Division of Personnel Talent Development Unit.