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Leaders know that they can achieve greater business success by having a coach who gives them advice to make better and faster decisions while improving their performance and the performance of the people they lead. But finding a good coach can be difficult, and your access to them can be limited by their availability.

Today, using the MyQuickCoach system available through the Division of Personnel, any state supervisor or manager can have access to a world-class coach whenever the need arises.

MyQuickCoach brings on-demand business advice from a variety of respected thoughtleaders right to your computer desktop or portable device.

With MyQuickCoach, you can point and click to access over 1400 short online video lessons called SmartBytes and articles by renowned consultants, authors, and educators that can help you improve in many aspects of your work and life.

Each SmartByte - usually about five minutes long - is designed to help you get the most out of your online learning experience in the shortest amount of time.

Consultants, authors, professors, and other subject matter experts make learning easy by breaking their knowledge into SmartBytes that focus on a specific part of a problem or leadership issue you may be facing. Streaming video, audio and animation make concepts clear and aid with the ideas presented.

And there's more…MyQuickCoach extends the usefulness of Smartbytes beyond basic delivery by allowing you to leverage them in several unique ways.

You can share SmartBytes with other people on your team via email, print transcripts of the lesson, find additional information and content from the same coach and more. In some cases, you can also save Smartbytes as MP3's, or download them to your iPod or cellular phone.

MyQuickCoach constantly adds new content to help you stay on top of emerging business trends and get answers to the kinds of questions you face in today's ever-changing business climate.

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